Friday, October 03, 2014

Great Expectations

The words she was uttering  was something pleasant
Which  introverts gauche  feelings and  stood still
This wasn't her usual ingredient
Pleading this sinister time never  to gallop and refill
Something happened to me
With disheveled thoughts failed to parry a blow
Somewhere lost in thoughts of thee
Can't merely let it go and succumb to despair but a glow
With deep, deep  blue and blue silence
The melodies howling breeze showering
Neither land nor sky at a glance
Such a solitude begs for contentment glittering
Over lifted with drifted thoughts for so long
Got the license the straight  from  the distance
Of this subitaneous detonated again
Forget about some awkward occurrence
The big waits skinny love come it to rescued remain
Beautifully found, beautifully rehearsed
This is second chance, this is substantial,
Magisterial part delivered and  immersed
It just  take  sweep time existential ...,

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