Monday, August 25, 2014

Dream girl

She was dream claimer of mine
Residing in a clanderstine thoughts
Never to evanesce like a fine.
Searching for remedy to definite neurosis
Often I see her eyes of gold mines

For she was a tyro
Tyro - to a lovesick diagnosis
Demolishing her dreams and chilly pains.
The fate had finally discovered me
And your face is what I see
Not a mere thing in my sight
But memories to left abandoned
Was a mistake great to hide
Cut all the ropes and let me fall
Want to wreck it all
Oh she was dream claimer of mine.

Hope u don't mind putting into words
Kind a funny is this feeling inside
Wonderful is life when you reside in my world
I am not one those who hides
Never doubt fear for your way
Hopping that one day you will make my dream last
Making my lonely nights a happy days
Knowing dream come slow and they go fast...,