Monday, January 12, 2015

A journey to the Wonder Land

Night creeping ,twisting,stalking....
Chooga chooga chooga, train still running...
Eyes opened to see dark high and low..
With little effort to snap with a glow
Glimpses of smiley faces yelling "cheeses''
For the cold was creepy such a blow.

Six months these people stayed away from there beloved land
Barred with terrains forests and noisy daily chores
For some,bonny sweet heart waiting rose on her hand
For some, deary comrades waiting at the shores
For some ,soft as mother kiss
They got to warmth on the night like this.

Sticking clock tickling tick tick
Guys anxiously waiting for the train to stop
Though life creeps full of surprise hitting like a brick
and shines after every storm  chops
Dragging their belongings and pacing the way
Swagging their way -they got to play ...,