Tuesday, May 26, 2015

                                   Trail-less Road

Where he treads on
Is the road less traveled
Treading the convoluted path
Warped under cumulus clouds
Of mystery to un-discover  and disappointment 
And a jerk he falls but then treads on
Into the woods of solitude 
Some may not give a heed
Know not what the heart aches
"he himself" ... they all right 
Doesn't  have any clue why is he treading 
Into the woods of less traveled 

Darkened but darkness within is much greater 
Neither high ahead nor within 
With chilled and fury he trampled fauna 
With hope to see glimpse of light 
Of that dreams he dreamed time-back 
In wilderness, into woods he trod 
Silently unaware of the heat
The longing-ness and tender wishes 
Weak dream and trampled wishes 
Into the woods he moves on
Leaving behind the fog and mist 
But ahead are more,ditches and falls
Yet,he treads to move on 
Crossing himself with refutes soul
Into the woods of darkness 

"O comrades and companions came not"
Nor give gemstone of wisdom to gypsy 
Pains are different and vary on different paths
For hollow being nothing to reflects 
Your pain he doesn't understand 
Time to halt a bit 
Take a breath and perhaps a nap
For weariness is deadly for this journey
Beyond this lies serenity
You tread on and achieve 
And he rests and dies and lives 
Into the woods,all alone on the road 
Of woods less traveled 

Under the stars in the wintry chilled night 
The searches for 'warmth' and dies 
to be alive again next morning !!!!
Pity on him and his mind; but he moves on 
moves on, moves on....,